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about us

We aim to capitalise on our unique expertise in terrestrial mining and aerospace by working with like-minded partners to create a profitable and sustainable business capable of supplying raw materials to the emerging space economy.

Earth Resources for Earth

Guiding Principles

Humankinds’ future in space must have a commercial basis if it is to progress.

The cost of overcoming gravity through provision of resources from Earth can be effectively mitigated by sourcing necessary materials in space, as close as possible to their intended point of use.





ISRU means accessing and processing resources in locations where those resources are to be utilised. This can be both efficient and cost effective. ​


  • ​Earth resources for use on Earth

  • Moon resources for use on the Moon

  • Mars resources for use on Mars

  • Asteroids for in-space resources

The key to unlocking human potential to attain these objectives is to reduce reliance on Earth-sourced resources and turn to space where the mitigation of gravity presents a levelled playing field and many raw materials occur in abundance. 

Images courtesy of NASA

TAMER is focused on supplying a range of resources to three off world markets:

  • Moon colonization

  • Cislunar economy

  • Mars sustainable pioneering

Key enablers on this journey stem from terrestrial resources and construction materials industries:

  • A commercial approach driven by proximity and cost to market return on investment

  • Materials and derived products - provided to defined specifications

  • Industrial scale volumes to enable effective Research & Development


Images courtesy of NASA


Image courtesy of NASA

Linking Aerospace &

Terrestrial Resources

TAMER is uniquely linking Aerospace to Terrestrial Resources industries with a commercial focus using tried & tested mega project methodologies. TAMER’s team brings together expertise from both Aerospace and Terrestrial Resources industries to achieve the necessary balance between commercials and technology.

By approaching the challenges from a combined commercial and technical perspective, we are applying methodologies and lessons learned from multi-billion dollar terrestrial resources projects and operations to the changing commercial paradigm in the aerospace industry.

Our experience across some of the largest and most significant resources projects on Earth, provides us a unique perspective on capital investment that can be leveraged into pre-determined commercial outcomes. 

TAMER’s network across terrestrial resources industries, government aerospace agencies, and aerospace contractors & researchers is second to none.

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