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Space is full of Resources. From water for life support systems and fuel through to aggregates for structural materials, fabrication, and radiational shielding.


Moon no background copy.png

Image courtesy of NASA

Development of infrastructure on the Moon will require raw materials. Adequate access to highly specified materials will enable long term human presence on the Moon. This presence will initially be a proving ground for human visits to Mars and eventually as a staging ground for long-term human presence on the Red Planet.


The US recently established a national goal of putting astronauts back on the Moon by 2024 to stay. This objective will require tapping into resources on the Moon.  

Tamer is developing the technology to enable this resource utilization.



Image courtesy of NASA

Mars is the long term target but not the final destination.  

The lessons learned from ISRU activities on the Moon will pave the way for humans' initial visit to Mars and eventually our long term presence there.

Mars water, mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere, and mineralogy offer rich opportunities for on site fabrication via autonomous additive manufacturing systems everything that the astronauts will need for "living off the land".  And with the vast asteroid belt nearby, Mars can become the marketplace for the inner solar system, while serving as a stopover on the way to destinations such as Titan.

Video courtesy of NASA

Video courtesy of NASA

near earth asteroids


TAMER is looking to Asteroids as sources for raw materials such as water, regolith and metals for the developing in-space economy. Availability of these resources to required specification in Earth or Lunar orbit are fundamental steps to humans' plans in space.

Ceres, indications of the presence of ice in the regolith.

Bennu, indications of rocks, large boulders and regolith.

Image courtesy of NASA

Image courtesy of NASA

Asteroids of interest

Click on the name for detailed information


CERES, once an asteroid now classified 

as a dwarf planet, since 2006.

All Asteroid images courtesy of NASA

Video courtesy of NASA

Video courtesy of NASA

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